~LJ Designs Custom Show Clothing~ - Welcome
~LJ Designs Custom Show Clothing~ - .....When you need to look your best!

      The HOLIDAYS are  coming!
Stay tuned for the details, and rules for our Black Friday special!! You will have the opportunity to save $$Money$$ on a new outfit for next season! 
Woo-Hoo!!!  Look your best, and save too! It doesn't get better than that!  :)  


                              Please read all the rules stated above! 
Check back soon for the details! Make sure you are friends with me on facebook before Thanksgiving!
http://www.facebook.com/LJDesigns99      The winners (only 2) will be chosen from my post on facebook!                                   If you have any questions you can email me at LJDesigns@verizon.net or message me through facebook.


                           Have a great season Stef!!

Good Luck Kassidy! 
Bring home some blues!


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