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             Winding down from the  (hot)                                    2016 season!

      Wowza! What a HOT summer this has been! fall is rolling in, and the season is coming to a close. Good luck to all who are headed to Congress this month! Let's make some memories, and bring home some blues!
      I am grateful to all of my past clients, and the fun they have brought into my life! Thank you! I still make room for new clients, so don't be shy, drop me a line, and tell me what your dream show clothing would look like, and we'll chat about how to make it a reality...........
    As I write this, I still have (1) opening for an outfit by Christmas! Better get in touch with me soon, though..........
    Now grab the marshmellows, stoke the bonfire, and let's all kick our feet up and relax for one night! Hope you all had a GREAT season!   Time to start thinking about 2017!

Here's your new jacket Kassidy! Don't forget to thank Grandma for it!  You will rock these next shows!

  Rockin' it like a boss Kassidy! :)
 Brand New Vest for sale! Click the Ready to Wear tab................



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