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~LJ Designs Custom Show Clothing~ - .....When you need to look your best!

 Here are the rules to the Black Friday deal......... 
1) There will be "4" different coupons awarded for a custom all day jacket, one coupon for each dollar category:    
      $100. off a $1000. jacket
      $200. off a $2000. jacket   
      $300. off a $3000. jacket
      $400. off $4000. and above
You may use your coupon for the price reduction, or you can use it toward more crystals/designs on the jacket. There is no "cash back" in the offer.  
How to claim a coupon....... Starting at 9pm on Thanksgiving evening, I will take the first email for each category, in my mailbox. Please use the subject line Black Friday Deal, and the amount you are entering for.
You will be booked in my next available opening. You will have 1 week to get in touch with me to design/create/book/pay for this offer. If not completed, and booked within that time frame, the offer will go to the next person in line.........I will ask for a preliminary set of measurements, and then a final set, 2 weeks prior to your booking date.   
The ONLY email address that I will accept the deal from is LJDesigns@verizon.net  (even if you have another one listed for me) 
I will notify you if you are a winner of a category deal! You may share this deal with your friends, but remember, only (1) deal per dollar amount!
(Please do not email me a pic of a $5000. jacket, and expect to get it for $1000.  You laugh, but I get it all the time)  <grin>
  If you have any questions, please email me PRIOR to the start time of the deal! Good luck, and let's have some fun!
   Wishing you all a blessed, and yummy Thanksgiving meal!                                   


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