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~LJ Designs Custom Show Clothing~ - .....When you need to look your best!


                                    It's SHOW TIME!!!
                            Show Season 2017!!!

     Let's get this party started! What shows are you doing this year? More importantly, what are you wearing? What's hot, what's not?  I can tell you. 
   If you didn't feel like you looked your best last season, get in touch with me, and we'll see what we can do to make you look fabulous this year!
   Bookings are filling up, but there are still a few available.  You'll need to get in touch with me asap......  Drop me an email at LJDesigns@verizon.net   and we'll  chat about what type of look you have in mind.  
    I recently saw 2 different outfits that I made over 10 years ago, and both still look great! I was so happy, and honestly, a bit shocked. lol  Is there such a thing as "It's made too well??" hahahhahahha  I am glad to see so many people enjoying them! :)
Wishing you all the most fabulous year of your life!

                           Have a great season Stef!!



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